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35mm equivalents of various smartphones cameras (iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, etc.) iphone 5 camera 35mm equivalent iphone 5 35mm equivalent galaxy s3 camera lens mm iphone lens equivalent iphone camera 35mm equivalent smartphone 35mm equivalent iphone lens 35mm equivalent. Sep 13,  · Close examination shows the iPhone 5 is using a mm lens to give a 33mm equivalent field of view, rather than the 4S’s mm lens, which gave a 35mm equivalent view. This means the new sensor is a tiny fraction larger. The iPhone 5 has also selected ISO 50, 1/3EV below the 4S’s minimum sensitivity of ISO Nov 24,  · The iPhone’s lens has a (35mm equivalent) focal length of 29mm. The XS focal length is 35mm. To make up for the difference I just stepped a little closer to the subject when using the orthodosxys.tk: Charlie Sorrel.

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Apple has shared a gallery of images from the new iPhone 5, one of which particularly caught our eye. Looking at the EXIF data of the images strongly suggests that this is a new sensor, despite the pixel count remaining the same. Close examination shows the iPhone 5 is using a 4.

This would suggest the new sensor is a tiny fraction larger though the difference is within the territory of rounding error. Some people said that it is due to introduction of a sapphire lens in iPhone 5 cameras but apple has refused all these issues and said that it is normal behavior iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent Iphone 5 camera and the lens has nothing to do with this. You must see these solutions.

After applying these solutions on my Iphone device, my Iphone camera started working quite nicely. Hope it will also help you. As if the issue wasn't already ubiquitous with camera reviews and your test pictures, now you're doing the same mistake on phone comparisons??? Ok, thanks for pointing, so not only they are focused on different distances, they've been taken in different occasions, with different lighting, by different people. All I can see is that their relevance is even smaller, yet they made the news.

Also, focusing on infinity and taking more than one shot shouldn't be that difficult. But if they can't even do it properly on a controlled environment studio why wouldk I expect it to be better this way? You are right Though I don't mind this post as the controlled studio environment is not a realistic one, I prefer real life examples to examples from professional lighting.

But that's iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent my opinion, each to their own. No real difference at all but at least its no worse iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent before as iPhone 4S quality was pretty decent. Especulating things that go against official statements from a mere EXIF sounds very unprofessional inmho. But that is now the basis with all the blind hype surrouding apple.

The differences could easily be explained by revised processing software. If indeed there is a new sensor with the same mpx, it's probably the worst gain in a revised sensor in history. I agree - from what we know right now, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, the sensor is unchanged.

This article is poorly researched and I would've expected better from dpreview. For one, when and where did Apple state that the sensor is "new"?

And the use of EXIF info to "confirm" this "fact" is flawed as I pointed out in my previous comment below. We can of course forget about it even reaching the level of the mighty Nokia PureView given a decade. Why the iSheep would even line up in front of a store to iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent this model is really one of the greatest mysteries in the world. Are they too intellectually-challenged to order it online? A couple counter agruments as to why it's relivant on this website: What is the most popular camera on Flickr?

The iPhone 4s. What is the 2nd most popular camera on Flickr? The iPhone 4. Not saying this is why you should buy it, but Iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent saying why it's relevant.

I agree the PureView is a lot more interesting to a photographer, but DPreview covered that even though few people will buy it compared to the iPhone and they're covering a camera that likely millions of people will buy. Covering both sides gives perspective. DPreview covers a range from consumer to pro and they have a range of viewers, many more are closer to consumers.

Why should popularity count? Millions of flies eat what? Same thing. If I would, I would go to a dedicated smartphone website, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, not to DPreview. Oh my. Sorry, but it seems to me that they are trying to fill up every day with some new articles, no matter which quality.

Like old DPreview did Who cares if it's popular there? That's just the typical effect of the Reality Distortion Field marketing claptrap. I like how you use "iSheep" and "hypePhone"! You're totally original and creative. Seriously, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, I'd like to see what else you write and you're amazing photos I mean, I can just tell you're a world class photographer and blogger.

Looking forward to your insightful and compelling views on todays technology. I think you can become the next Ken Rockwell! No, because that would be too mainstream for hipster douchebags like you.

You can only read up to characters right? Here, have some more of the crApple-flavored Kool-Aid. This is not a subjective opinion either, it has a dedicated focusing lamp so gets things in focus more often, a dedicated flash not LED that exposes things much better. When it was released I breathed a sigh of relief that finally phones were going to take decent photos in most conditions yet 5 years later the iphone still cant do it at more than double the price? Prestidigitator, your comment couldn't be directed at me, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, as I'm a great admirer of your writings.

You should really think about doing a podcast! I like the "hypePhoto" and "iSheep" too. LOL, where do you come up with that! That's just genius. And I agree jedics, those iPhonies cost thousands and thousands of dollars and they're no better than the n That's why I haven't bought one of those mobile phones at all because they're cameras aren't good enough yet. I mean, why else would you want a phone except for a camera?

I don't get it. What would Ken Rockwell do? I've really gone off Apple lately. Their plans for a closer tie-in with the privacy-invading Facebook clinched it for me - I'm going for a Galaxy S3.

I don't think we can conclude that the sensor is larger based on the info in the EXIF. In fact, I believe the difference could be due to rounding errors. Firstly, from the EXIF the actual focal length of the lens is 4.

Secondly, the 35mm equivalent focal length field in the EXIF is an integer short value. That means it will not include any decimal places and is most rounded unless the value is an exact integer. So given the above, if hypothetically speaking the 35mm equivalent was actually As for the ISO difference, there are many examples of cameras using the same sensor but having a different minimum ISO.

Beautiful shots, though about 50 yards apart in position. It's fine for snapshots, and it always in my pocket. Sure, it doesn't compare to my 60D and array of lenses, but read previous sentence. Also, although I'm not a big FB fan, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, it's really great to be able to send a photo to someone immediately in a text or email. If I really want to take pictures with a cell phone, I'll just buy a Nokia or Samsung camera phone, thank you very much. Those are so much better overall, it's not even funny.

Which Samsung is not a plastic iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent they drop supporting after at best one release delayed for a half a year or more? BtW, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, I am a Samsuck phone owner.

Damn contracts. Seems like there is a mistake in the photo, too. The 5 looks wider angle, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, but I trust Apple press releases a lot more than my own eyes.

Seems to be more DR with the iPhone 5. In any case it's not a step down and I was impressed with the 4's camera before especially with HDR. They both look like crap. I don't understand No lens reviews but you're comparing lousy camera phones. Just doesn't make sense. That does not only go up for pictures taken by mobile phones, but also by many pictures taken with DSLR's as well. Scaled down to any reasonable size they are not that bad at all.

Face it or stick you head into the sand - Times are changing. The fact of the matter is that most people myself included are not hauling around their DSLR, iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent, or even point and shoot, everywhere they go.

I'd rather get the shot with slightly lower quality then a point and shoot then have no shot at all! It's a tough job so I'd give these guys a bit more respect. I agree with Graystar. What the freak is all of this?


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iphone 5 lens 35mm equivalent


Jun 12,  · This value, , means that the sensor is smaller than the classic full-frame 35mm sensor. And because we know the crop factor, now we will be able to learn the 35mm focal length equivalent of iPhone's lens. To do that we will multiply the actual focal length of the lens by the crop factor. x equals 33mm. 33 mm-equivalent to 35 mm film cameras, mm actual focal length. Full iPhone 4S camera specifications, if you're interested: Hardware: Sensor dimensions: 1/" diagonal ( mm x mm) Sensor model: Sony IMX Exmor R Sensor technology. Oct 04,  · The iPhone 8 Plus has two 12 megapixel cameras. One with OIS and a f/ lens that’s equivalent to 28mm on a full-frame camera; the other that’s f/ and equivalent to 56mm on a full-frame camera. The iPhone X has two 12 megapixel cameras. Both have OIS. One is f/ and equivalent to 28mm; the other is f/ and equivalent to orthodosxys.tk: Harry Guinness.