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Jun 05,  · Evernote turns your phone into an extension of your brain. While the thought of an organically attached phone springs to mind, the reality is much simpler, and thankfully far less painful. With Evernote available on Nokia X and Lumia, as well as most mobile and computing platforms, your phone is equipped to remember anything and [ ]. Evernote is a great solution, but it somehow lacks a properly running application on Nokia orthodosxys.tk one you can find in the Store is just an icon link to Evernote webpage with a sharing orthodosxys.tk long as the sharing plugin is quite useful, the link is rather useless to me. The best Evernote phone number with tools for skipping the wait on hold, the current wait time, tools for scheduling a time to talk with a Evernote rep, reminders when the call center opens, tips and shortcuts from other Evernote customers who called this number.

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Nokia evernote by planetf1. Nokia sells 3 million phones nokia evernote day. I am trying to get a friend to start using Evernote, but they have a Nokia E71 - does Evernote make a mobile client for that phone?

If not, any plans to do so? There's no native application from that phone, but you can use the Nokia E71 with Evernote in a number of ways:. I agree there is a huge potential for a Symbian Srd client version, certainly here in Holland but generally in Europe, nokia evernote. Sorry, we can't give any dates for things that aren't ready to ship.

However, the Symbian platform nokia evernote obviously a huge market opportunity for us given the number of phones in use around the world.

I love using Evernote thus looking forward to a S30v5 Version for the Nokia evernote just like the iPhone. Please add my name to the list. I see that the blackberry version is a java app, would it not be possible nokia evernote also create a j2me version from the blackberry codebase that also works on Nokia and many other phones? Evernote team I love Evernote, nokia evernote, but why is a Nokia evernote version a low priority?

It would be great to be able to use Evernote on my Nokia N97 and take full advantage of having a high quality camera and keyboard. Nokia and Symbian have the largest market share in the world, even though it's not the most popular in America. Please let us know if you plan on making a Symbian version and when so I can plan whether or not to make Evernote a part of my life or not.

This post alone has over views - that's a lot of Symbian users. If it helps to get the programmers convinced: I myself also would very much appreciate to have an Evernote client for my E71! Now that the mobile site seems to have stopped working on my N95 8GB I would very much welcome a native Symbian version.

I'm resorting to using Opera Mini for now. Symbian user here too. Using Evernote with iPod touch currently when necessary but it's not very good when offline tbh. Can you give a target date for an application? We don't have a public date for nokia evernote a native application will be available for your particular device. Then you can quickly send pictures and quick text notes from your device into your account nokia evernote email.

We really need a Symbian version, no two ways about it. Symbian has the lion's share of the world's phone market and it is running all types of phones. In my humble opinion Evernote stuff should get involved in creating a client or two for Nokia smartphones. Nokia does have the biggest share in the market, so it is more than reasonable to have its Evernote client. Symbian version here too please! I've been pestering Remember the Milk to no avail, nokia evernote, and have moved over to Evernote because it is easier to send and read notes from an E Now embrace the vast majority of smartphone users worldwide please!

I used to use Evernote, and loved it. But sadly, nokia evernote, these days I don't use Evernote anymore and have resorted to inferior but available options. I really do need a full client for my mobile Symbian S60 touch screen interfacethat can handle offline notes. Until such a client for Evernote comes out, all usage of Evernote will remain visiting the Evernote website once a quarter to see whether a S60 client has materialised or not.

Either that or switching to another mobile platform. Great product, love it! Sadly, cannot use it the moment, nokia evernote. At least it is something Please let me know how it nokia evernote on 3rd edition devices. My guess is that it will not work because I am using Platform Services 2. Nevertheless, add a comment to my blog post for the app.

Looks like there will be a Everynote client for the Maemo 5-platform! Hopefully it'll be as full-featured as the iPhone-version. Anyone from Evernote care to comment? It's mind boggling that Evernote doesn't have a Symbian client. Everyone should try spanishgringo's app above seeing as Evernote developers aren't going to come to the party they should be very thankful to him as without that I would have walked away from Evernote altogether and tried something else. We r gr8 app lovers.

You must have seen how much the gravity app has been a success. Iam sure if you create a version for us, it will become a hit and will increase your user amount. And never make a java app, please As you found, we recently started testing a version of Evernote for Nokia's N97 phone:. If Evernote created a Qt version of their client software this nokia evernote - with a certain amount of customization in each case - cover Linux, Maemo, and recent Symbian phones.

Actually it would cover Windows and Mac as well, though I don't see them replacing their existing Windows version. I think this nokia evernote work well for Symbian phones since they tend to have very good J2ME support, nokia evernote. This would also provide support for all the newer J2ME feature phones that Samsung and LG are selling they are selling tons of these. While this won't be quite as good as a native Symbian app for users of Symbian phones, it will be a pretty good solution better then WRT and will work on a much greater range of phones.

One other thing. Nokia evernote that you have released a WRT app, it would appear that you do not intend to release a native Symbian or J2ME app in the short or medium term, so your users must make their decisions based on the WRT app, nokia evernote. If my conclusions are not correct then it would be useful to be corrected though I understand your concerns about commenting on anything that nokia evernote released yet, nokia evernote.

Unfortunately, a J2ME app wouldn't have much in common with a native Blackberry app. Visited the site today. Evernote sounds useful to me, nokia evernote, but I need a modern Symbian client. Seems weird that mobile support is a big feature of your product but you've not done one nokia evernote :? I have no interest in "web connection" workarounds that assume ubiquitous net connections that are either too costly or can't be relied on, nokia evernote.

So another vote for a native Symbian nokia evernote with offline storage. I'm currently using a E71 and will most replace it with whatever the replacement is when it comes time to change, nokia evernote. If you do that in a reasonable timeframe you have another Premium nokia evernote. Unless the competition beats you to it I am very surprised that THE mobile platform has been missed out!

Symbian is extremely popular in India too! Symbian will be going open source I think they have started the transition already. Also other platforms are inferior compared to Symbian except iPhone, but even iPhone lacks Multi tasking! Of course those are nokia evernote views. And I am not going to switch platforms anytime soon, nokia evernote. And if it may even prompt me to go premium, nokia evernote. Use with mobile browser is not easy enough for me, and without mobile access the value of service is half.

On the other hand I'm probably not the only one who would be willing to pay few dollars for Symbian version as Evernote seems super nokia evernote tool.

There won't be a version for Symbian. Progammers at Evernote have seen the writing on the wall. In a few nokia evernote Symbian becomes a history, its market share is rapidly shrinking.

The only phone maker using this user-unfriendly system is Nokia and majority of the devices are low-end without serious internet capabilities. So stop whining, simply go with the flow and buy an modern smart phone like iPhone or Windows Mobile phone. Plus it doesn't require an IQ :lol:. What is the official word about the Symbian S60 version of Evernote? There is an army of people asking the very same question, nokia evernote.

Many of us are premium paying users and I think we deserve an answer. We humbly ask for a proper application, nokia evernote. We are not working on a generic "S60" application for a number of reasons. Past attempts at generic mobile OS applications Windows Mobile, BlackBerry resulted in a lot of frustration due to lowest-common-denominator hardware integration e. Individual Nokia devices are certainly important to us. The Maemo and N97 are good examples.

I nokia evernote have a date for future releases. So far, I can only upload pictures to Evernote, nokia evernote. Which of the note taking applications on the N, e. ConBoy nokia evernote. I have not seen an option like 'Share via Services' on any them. Or, does it mean one can.


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Evernote is a great solution, but it somehow lacks a properly running application on Nokia orthodosxys.tk one you can find in the Store is just an icon link to Evernote webpage with a sharing orthodosxys.tk long as the sharing plugin is quite useful, the link is rather useless to me. Jan 16,  · evernnote client for nokia symbian devices review. Transfer Contacts From Android To Windows Phone Or Windows To Android Without Using Any Software - . The update to Evernote app is now headed to Android platform. So this update will be available for devices running Android as the Operating system in them. Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia Plus.